Angels on Leads was established towards the end of 2013, after owning my latest ‘angel’ for over a year. Growing up, I have always had dogs around me. A love of all animals has been in me since I was a small child, and these feelings are even stronger now. I am not just like this with my own pets, but with every animal I meet, no matter how big or small.

After personally feeling the guilt of being at work, while my own dog was at home, I decided I needed to look into a career where I could help people out like myself. Plus it meant I never have to feel that guilt again, and this is how Angels on Leads began.

Dog walking is more than just the obvious. It also gives you peace of mind, whether that means extra time for your lunch, or a glass of wine after work with friends. Having a professional taking care of your dog gives you a little more freedom, and you get to come home to a happy, well exercised & stimulated dog.

For details about other services which Angels on Leads provides, please take a look at the Services tab along the top of the page.

Joanne x

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