As Angels on Leads grows, this page is for new potential clients to read reviews from some of my existing clientele.

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  1. ReplyJane Lambert

    Angels on Leads (Joanne) looks after my wee cockapoo Bella for me while I am at work. She is walked in a group situation and has made other wee friends that she enjoys meeting up with. When I come home she is well exercised and a very happy contented wee dog. I know Joanne varies the places that she walks Bella because she leaves me a note telling me what Bella has been like today and where she has been too, on a Friday she leaves a wee treat for her. I know Bella is happy with Joanne looking after her and so am I x

  2. ReplyKaren Jordan

    What a lovely lady. Joanne will look after your little treasures as if they were her own. I trust her implicitly with Minnie & Daisy (my 2 Cockapoos )

  3. ReplyDaniel

    Joanne takes fabulous care of Hamden while both his humans are at work. He's always happy and chilled when we come home. She also does a great job of monitoring his health and medication. Thanks Joanne!! Wonderful to have you.

  4. ReplyHeather

    I can't recommend Joanne enough. She goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of your dog. Eyck is always tuckered out when we come back home and there is always a little note about his day and what they got up to.

  5. ReplyKira

    Joanne is looking after me meanwhile mummy and daddy are working. Every day is a new adventure in several different places, having a lot of fun and running and playing with all the other dogs. Joanne takes in count all the details during the walks, cleaning us if we get dirty and look after us in every moment. Also I looking forward to spend 2 weeks in her home!!!! I'm sure that it will be really great.

  6. ReplyJane

    Joanne looks after my 8 mth cockapoo Bernie. She seems to genuinely love looking after the dogs and I feel confident that my puppy is well looked after. Bernie loves Joanne and enjoys the group walks as well as an individual walk. I love the notes that Joanne leaves at the end of each day as it's good to know what Bernie has been up to and I know that he is getting a wide variety of walks in the week.

  7. ReplySarah & Jamie

    Joanne has looked after Riley since he was just nine weeks old. She started puppy sitting him and now takes him out on his own and he will join the group walks when he is big enough! Riley is always happy when we come home and we enjoy the little notes which say what he's been doing! Nothing is to much trouble for Joanne and I'm delighted we found someone so nice to look after Riley!

  8. ReplyNadine

    Best dog walker in Edinburgh, by a mile. There are lots of dog services out there who will walk you dog and take care of its needs, but Angels on Leads goes the extra mile for you and your dog without an extra price tag. She doesn't just treat your dog like it's her own, she adores it. And they clearly adore her back! It's also a lovely touch to come home to a note from her detailing what adventure she shared with your dog that day. Very thoughtful and very appreciated. A five star service that I cannot recommend highly enough.

  9. ReplyVicky

    Joanne walks my labrador Dexter everyday. He has had a number of joint problems so she has carried out solo walks for him and followed exercise regimes to help with his issues. She is very reliable and Dexter is always excited to see her. I know Dexter is having fun and safe when I am out at work.

  10. ReplyTaryn & Glenn

    Joanne is absolutely wonderful!!!!! Joanne started puppy sitting Penny when she was just 10 weeks old. Penny is now enjoying 2 short walks a day with Joanne and her new pals .... She loves to give Rudi (Joanne's gorgeous pug) kisses! And when she's a bit older she will go on longer walks. We are so happy knowing that Penny is in good hands with Joanne. Joanne treats Penny like her own, and Penny absolutely adores her!!!! We also love the little personal touches.... Like the cute notes left for us... And the wonderful photos posted on Facebook of penny playing and having a good time. I would recommend Joanne to anyone that just wants the best for their fur baby.

  11. ReplyKayla

    We recently just moved to a flat and our little puggle is used to running about a big garden all day with other dogs so i thought it was going to be a struggle taking him away from that as he such an excited dog! Joanne has made my life so easy taking him out at lunchtime with the other dogs and he has calmed right down! Im pretty sure Bruno is now more excited to see Joanne that he is me!! I cant thank Joanne enough for looking after Bruno! :) i love coming home from work to her little notes, its like a school report for Bruno!!

  12. ReplyMarnie

    Joanne walks our Jug Luna and Pug Rufus on a Monday and they absolutely adore her. Sometimes I watch the recordings that she has posted on Facebook and if I do the dogs come running through all excited at the sound of her voice only to look all disappointed when they can't find her. I love the little note that Joanne leaves letting me know how the dogs have got on but my favourite thing is to look at the FB photos and see them having so much fun with all their little friends. It gives me such a sense of pleasure and relief to know they are in such good hands when I'm not around. Thanks Joanne for being a star dog walker!

  13. ReplyAllan

    We were looking for a cat sitter at short notice and Joanne helped us out, looking after our three cats. One is quite young and is outside a lot, and not very predictable in the hours he keeps, so Joanne kept an eye out for him to make sure he came and went as expected. She kept us updated via text message and we came back to three very happy cats. Thanks Joanne - we'll definitely use you again.

  14. ReplyB.

    I truly believe cats are happier looked after in their own home rather than being but into catteries while the owners are away. Joanne has been looking after our 2 cats for a couple of years now when we were on our annual holiday or short weekend breaks. One of our fur bundles requires medication in tablet and liquid form and there is no problem with this while we are away. It puts our mind at ease knowing the cats are looked after. Thanks Joanne :)

  15. Replypatsy

    Joanne is truly an Angel at very short notice she looked after my cat after I was taken into hospital I was sick with worry about what was going to happen to the cat but she stepped in and took.all the worry away can't thank her enough, this lady has a genuine love for animals and can't recommend her enough

  16. ReplyJulie Adamson

    Joanne had been walking our angel Lacey for over a year and we couldn't be happier with the service. She gives all of her dogs special attention but this was particularly appreciated in Lacey's case. We adopted Lacey from a rescue and early on she showed some signs of mistreatment and nervous behaviour. Joanne has helped her grow her confidence with a routine of daily exercise and by slowly introducing her to the rest of the gang. It's fantastic to have watched her become such a happy dog and as Joanne's daily Facebook photos show, she now loves playing with her pals! For a flexible and reliable service I'd highly recommend Angels on Leads.

  17. ReplySusan Campbell

    Joanne started initially with puppy visits for Dexter our Miniature Dachshund when he was around 10 weeks old, she now walks him once a week. Dexter loves to see Joanne and we are more than happy with her service. She's really committed and attentive to the dogs she walks and clearly cares for them all. Leaving Dexter when he was so small was really difficult but Joanne completely put our minds at rest. She's completely reliable and always gives us feedback on Dexter. We couldn't do without her. Thank you!

  18. ReplyEmma

    Joanne has been looking after our French Bulldog puppy, BamBam, since he was 10 weeks old. She started off with 2 puppy visits a day and carefully transitioned him into group walks, which he loves. Joanne has been great at posting updates so we can see what BamBam is getting up to throughout the day. Joanne is very accomodating and happy to work around our changing schedule. It is clear to us BamBam is very fond of Joanne and loves spending time with her and the other dogs. We are really happy to have found Angels on Leads and would thoroughly recommend her.

  19. ReplyKitsteen

    Joanne has been looking after my 3 cats for nearly 2 years. They are all rescued cats and are wary of strangers so I was quite apprehensive considering leaving them in the care of someone they had never met before. However, Joanne came to the house to meet them (although 2 of them hid) and immediately made me feel much better about leaving them. I always come home to happy healthy cats. I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough and have no qualms leaving my cats in her care.

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